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Finance and Offers

Finance and Offers

Solar Power has never seemed so attractive a prospect than what it is at present, and this fact is quite true for both business and residential consumers. Residential solar systems provide a great form of straightforward and unobtrusive way of generating reliable of ensuring that energy costs are saved. However, for businesses long terms warranties and assurances can assure that provision for long term power manufacturing units can become greatly effective in terms of aiding the saving of revenue, and facilitating growth in other areas. This is the core belief at Xceed Solar- bringing about a positive sense of cost saving while bringing about a positive sense of feeling all around.

Over the years, we have quite effectively helped in hundreds of clients looking out for our expressed help, which have been greatly facilitated by our interactive approach, simple proposition, and clear end outcomes presentation to understand and realize what our services actually entail. The consultations may also feature an effective breakdown over bills and savings. But, some of the effective advantages have been detailed down below:

Savings on Your Bill

The ultimate and on-going financial benefit from solar power is a reduced electricity bill. Some of our clients have seen up to a 75% reduction in their monthly electricity costs thanks to solar. A solar system will offset any of the variable charges on your bill, whether they are Energy, Network, Environmental or Market/Ancillary charges. On top of this, solar can impact and potentially reduce Demand and Capacity charges under your Network costs – this is however dependent on your tariff structure from your DNSP. Solar will deliver month-on-month and year-on-year savings on your bill thanks to the long term warranties that accompany the components.

Subsidies and Rebates

There are numerous subsidies and rebates available around the country:

Solar Rebate – STC’s and LGC’s

Under the Federal Governments Renewable Energy Target scheme, customers can install solar systems that are heavily subsidised. Depending on your location and the system installed, this can potentially cover over 50% of the cost of the system. The scheme is separated into two sectors – Small-Scale (under 100kW installations) and Large-Scale (over 100kW installations).
Small-Scale installations are eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) which provide an upfront discount on the cost of a system, to significantly improve the ROI. Xceed Solar claims STC’s on your behalf – STC’s can cover up to 50% of the system cost to a value of over $70,000.
Large-scale installations are eligible for Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGC’s) which are provided to businesses on an ongoing basis until 2030. Each year, Xceed Solar will create, register and sell LGC’s on your behalf – to provide you with an ongoing revenue stream from solar. The Net Present Value of these LGC’s over the lifetime of the system may cover up to 60% of the upfront cost.


If you are a business then you organisation may be eligible for a grant for the installation of solar on your premises. Grants are potentially available from some Government bodies (State or Local Councils) depending on your location and industry. Get in contact with us to find out if your organisation is eligible for an additional grant.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA)

Some councils provide Environmental Upgrade Agreements, which allow tenants to take advantage of solar. These tri-party agreements offer an easy solution for both renters and landlords. Xceed Solar can advise if you are eligible for an EUA.

Tax Benefits

Solar provides a 20 Year Tax Benefit for organisations that are eligible for depreciation. Xceed Solar will provide your organisation with an estimated tax benefit for the life of the system according to ATO requirements. Small businesses (under $2 million revenue) are eligible for accelerated depreciation for purchases under $20,000. Xceed Solar can provide more insight as to how your small business can take advantage of this.

Feed-in Tariffs

Whilst Feed-in Tariffs are very common for residential solar, they are less common for installations. Most businesses consume electricity during daylight hours, so Feed-in Tariffs are less important. However, Feed-in Tariffs for businesses are becoming more common and can provide an additional payment (or credit) for electricity exported back to the grid of up to 12c/kWh. This provides a financial return on any unused electricity. Get in contact with us to find more information about Feed-in Tariffs.

Finance Solutions

Xceed Solar has finance solutions that provide immediate cash flow positive returns. These can be utilised for reducing your energy costs without any upfront capital. Xceed Solar has access to market competitive finance from leading finance institutions. Find out more information about our Finance Solutions, choose an option below:

No Upfront Costs
Only pay for the solar energy used
Discounted rate compared to grid tariff
Fixed term between 10 – 20 years
All O&M and insurance is included in the tariff
Limited Upfront Costs
Fixed monthly payments
Potentially cashflow positive from Q1
Fixed term
Own the system after the term
Greatest Savings
No ongoing payments
Payback between 3 – 6 years
Immediate ownership of system
Solar panels guaranteed for 25 years
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