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With more than 12 years of solid experience, we have no dearth of solar solutions.
Congratulations! You shall have to deal with the very best and talented who can effectively provide you with consultation along the lines of best possible products and services.
Fast Processes
A very fast and efficient way to start saving money through implementing solar systems as quickly as possible.

Solar Power-Regain Control over Power

Xceed Solar can most certainly help you gain control over the costs exerted over the energy costs for any business purpose. Through Xceed Solar services and products, you can gain control and mitigate essential share of costs, which could otherwise be redirected to some other form of investment. Financial incentives withstanding, it could prove to be a major turnaround for your entire business.

Xceed Solar Services for using Solar Power for Businesses

We shall essentially take care of all the paperwork and other concerns over these financial options mentioned below:

  • STC rebates
  • Electricity retailer approval
  • Network operator application
  • Building approvals
  • Structural engineering certificates

With full force of licensing and CEC accreditation, you shall be facing no possible problems whatsoever.

When the installation is over and done with, we expressively provide monitoring and maintenance services, which are done to measure the performance of systems with report scheduling and alerts so that there is no underwhelming results and faults.

Other option could also feature an effective look into other monitoring activities in terms of the consumption of premises, which will provide a better estimate for improvement in the future.

Our Proposals are comprehensive and easy to understand

You will receive a fully detailed plan of all our solar facilitation of products and services, which may include the following information given below:

  • Complete financial analysis
  • Calculation of ROI and payback
  • Overview of Yearly cost savings
  • STC rebate value
  • Overall total system price, as well as out-of-pocket expenses
  • Warranty overview
  • Energy output information (yearly, monthly, daily values)
  • Load vs. solar output graph
  • Share of solar of your total consumption
  • Demo of what the solar system should pertain for your entire business

Equipment Assurances and Warranties

All our products that we tend to extend on our own behalf are especially highly watermarked in terms of quality, efficiency and durability. These are all gone under the watchful eye, and consequently approved by CEC. In addition to this, unparalleled German products for solar paneling constitute a major portion in terms of our top tier products.

  • Immense 20-30 years of warranties available upon solar panels.
  • Inverters tend to have warranties between 5-10 years at length.
  • A total of 15 years on all mounting frames.
  • Additional warranty upon workmanship for installation is also provided.

Solar Options with finances having no Upfront Costs

Leasing can quite effectively have you the full control of the system without any scenario to pay any large sum upfront. This allows for a positive cash flow for the business right off the bat, and can essentially lead to more savings when compared to the regular repayment value. As a result, you can consider the solar system effectively paying for itself much over the time of its repayment term, after which the entire installed system shifts under the control of the client. These can be summarized under:

  • No costs to be paid upfront.
  • Approval over a time of just 48 hours.
  • Terms are quite flexible for the period of maximum 10 years.

PPA allows for no upfront costs, but you need to essentially pay just for the power produced by the system over a period of time. The greatest benefits are that you can essentially keep power costs at a constant, while focusing upon manufacturing and other processes for your business. In numerous cases, the solar electricity rates become lower than the on-grid ones.

  • No investment made upfront
  • Clean and efficient electricity
  • No possible headache of operation and maintenance

Benefits of Commercial Solar in Perth and Western Australia

There are quite a few reasons for your business to take solar, of which they have been mentioned in detail below:

  • Electric bills are greatly reduced.
  • Operations are enhanced.
  • Cash-flow is freed up directly.
  • Rates for electricity are locked in and mitigation of electricity tariffs are ensured.
  • Utilization of a very clean energy source.
  • Improvement of business image can take place by being environmentally conscious.
  • Energy efficiency in increased in a holistic way.
  • You can make use of Government provisioned incentives and rebates.(STCs)
  • Utilization of technology that would be at a lower risk and has been proven to be reliable.


1. Consultation and proposal

We will visit you at your business location, answer your questions, and explain the finance options available.

Every business is different so it is important to understand your energy use and how a solar system can reduce your cost of electricity. Only a few electricity retailers offer to buy-back excess solar power from commercial customers in Western Australia, so it is crucial to ensure your system complements your energy demand.

We analyse your daily electricity consumption profile, the type of equipment and appliances in your organisation, and the electricity tariff you are on.
The daily electricity consumption profile shows the time of the day you are using electricity. By going into this detail we can say for certain the amount of energy savings that can be achieved, and it may also show potential for further energy efficiency.

2. Approvals and installation

We take care of all approvals and schedule an installation date as soon as the system has been approved.

3. Switch on system

Switch on the system and see your electricity cost savings grow in our online monitoring portal (optional).

Recently completed projects:

Further reading:

Which industry types are best suited for commercial solar?

Premises with high daytime electricity consumption such as manufacturing, retail, office, education, wholesale & warehouses and hospitality are best suited for commercial solar installations.

How energy efficiency increases the value of your business

With rising energy costs, an investment in energy saving measures can directly contribute to an increase in the value of your business. When a company moves to buy another business, one of the key things they look at is operating costs. One of the biggest costs for any business, apart from staffing, is the amount of energy it uses.

By investing in energy efficient equipment and machinery, you immediately reduce the operating expenses of your business and improve your margins. If you ever move to sell your business, this will demonstrate efficient business practices to prospective buyers, and reflect well on your accounts.

Source: The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business

What about battery storage?

The costs for battery storage systems are declining steadily. If cost saving is the only motivation to go for battery storage, we recommend commercial clients to wait for the costs to come down further. For now, we recommend to use other means of energy storage such as an electric heat pump to store energy in the form of hot water, decrease the temperature of your cooling system etc. If you are using generators to power your site, a hybrid solar PV system with battery storage is a great choice. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you.

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