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Among the global leaders in solar technological development SMA Solar Technology AG is certainly a brand that should be looked out for, especially when it comes to their PV inverters, which their energy management innovation has helped in the formulation of technologies in the future. SMA has been delivering and setting the benchmark of solar power PV inverters for over 30 years, and these include intelligent energy management, which is directly in line with Xceed Solar’s commitment about energy in terms of meeting the efficiency and independence needs.


The SolaX is soon ascribing itself to be a definite world leader in terms of developing, producing and making available of innovative and effective solar inverters. Their product range certainly involves the latest technology that the world has to offer, and their constant commitment towards research and development has been instrumental in moving and extending boundaries. One of the best examples of the brand, which has built up towards the offering of the highly appreciated X-Hybrid solar energy solar system.


Fronius has been active in the industry for close to 60 years, and their brand name has always been associated with intensive research, and many of the known innovation over the years. Their products and efforts have consequently been awarded multiple national and international prizes, which shall probably be an interesting prospect for yourself.


Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, ABB has been perhaps the most notable firm in the solar products manufacturing industry with employees over 145,000 and a definite presence in about a 100 countries. It is pretty evident that their entire product line has exceptional qualities of its own, resulting in the brand’s presence in the major stock markets of New York, Hong Kong etc.


GoodWe is certainly is a company that should be a great source of inspiration based upon the sole factor of their constant pursuit of improvements in terms of quality, services and cost-effectiveness. Their single-phase, single MPPT GW4000-SS, as well as the three-phase dual MPPT model of GW17K-DT have been greatly effective, and has acquired a great deal of recognition and acclaim from all.

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