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Solar Panels

You can easily find only the best panels in the market right now produced by manufacturers, and supplied to you specifically as a service of Xceed Solar. Through deep considerations and comparisons, the highest form of efficiency and performance can be gained through our solar panels offerings.


Alternate between on-grid and off-grid electrical power through our solar power system of which inverters play a big role. These systems is combination of the main inverter, monitoring screens, mounting framework and several other intricate technological details.

Solar Batteries

Photovoltaic (PV) systems are an innate part of our solar power storage battery systems to be used where power is not, or pretty inconsistently available. These may include locations where facilities and service provisions are to be remotely asked for, besieged by challenging weather conditions, or where the grid supply electricity is just not consistent. PV systems can work in tandem with solar power absorption facilities provisioning for an extended period of time with such advantages as lighting, sensors, signaling etc.

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