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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Xceed Solar is totally facilitating and motivated to protect all privacy concerns of everyone who visits this website, and data, if used, is only done for enhancing and improving the experience. We completely respect and adhere to the Privacy Principles relevant in the country of Australia, and as a result, you should read the policy in great detail.


When any person visits our website, we may collect some collection of personal data, including name, company, email address, mobile number, details of credit card, information for billing, IP address, responses, specific queries, comments, as well as unobtrusive data for social media, all of which combine to form your explicit Personal Data.

Our services are, however, not legally extended towards individuals or parties under the age of 18, and we shall effectively delete any such data consequently as soon as we are aware of it. Being a parent or guardian of such a visitor, you can quite easily inform us, and avoid any unwarranted legal complications.

For everyone else, reviewing, changing and deleting data can be made possible by logging into a Personal Account to do it yourself, or by asking us to do the same.


Personally Identified Information: There are a variety of different ways through which we use data intrinsically tied to your identity, including proper communication, provisioning technical support, update of specific news and offers, sharing useful insights, estimating the level of customer satisfaction, and ultimately providing with an altogether positive personalized experience upon the website.

Communications for marketing are only related when they have been either requested or subscribed by yourself. You have to option to pull out of such an activity quite easily, either by unsubscribing, or by communicating with us upon which the action will be completed in the shortest time window possible.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information: We, at Xceed Solar, also use information on more of an aggregate and anonymous format in order to improve digital services, including website administration, production of reports and analytical charts, advertising of specific products and services, locating customer demands, and ultimately allowing for reaching the customer needs in the best possible way imaginable.

Data that you may provide us with to broadcast publicly through this website like comments upon the blogs and testimonials, will be easily seen by others. Removal of such specified information will stop this from occurring; however, cached or archived information can be viewed if someone stores the information elsewhere.


As long as your Personal Data shall remain with us, we shall take proper measures in safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality fully. Secure servers away from the furthest reaches of unauthorized access or control can be facilitated for the proper storage of such information. Information from credit cards are specifically encrypted before transmission, and are not stored anywhere on our servers.

In order to better serve your cause, we can place your information, including the Personal ones, outside of the borders of the country where private acquisition of property shall ensure full protection in every way. However, you should keep in mind upon such a scenario, only those countries are utilized by ourselves who possess very strong and efficient Privacy Laws all around.

Xceed Solar shall keep all your information as long as there is the provision of services for you, expect which they might be used to satisfy obligations regarding law, disputes and other kinds enforcing the agreed upon terms.

In any case when there is a no0ticeable breach in our security provisions and data in compromised, we shall immediately update you in accordance with all the laws applicable on the land.


Any cookie is a small piece file placed upon the browser, which can help collect information about your browsing activities and behavior. Utilization of the cookies can intrinsically help in a website tailoring all its configurations and details to specific needs and preferences. Cookies, in no way, make access to personal and permanent data stored upon the hard drive of your device, and you can quite easily choose to not accept them by modifying the settings upon the browser. However, utilization of the full advantages by the website would not be possible then.

This website use cookies to measure the traffic, allowing for a number of social media related activities, and extending an altogether positive experience for any visitor. Additionally, the cookies and pixels could also be utilized in terms of providing the essential of ads services, such as utilizing third party services like Google AdWords and Facebook Adverts. The ads utilized can appear upon the website itself, or in other websites as well.


We do not and will not sell or deal in Personal Data or any customer information.

Your Personal Data details are only disclosed to third party suppliers when it is required by law, for goods or services which you have purchased, for payment processing or to protect our copyright, trademarks and other legal rights. To the extent that we do share your Personal Data with a service provider, we would only do so if that party has agreed to comply with our privacy standards as described in this privacy policy and in accordance with applicable law. Our contracts with third parties prohibit them from using any of your Personal Data for any purpose other than that for which it was shared.


These websites provide specific links to other websites, and these are essentially third parties who do not represent any kind of approval or endorsement on the part of Xceed Solar. These are for information convenience only, and cannot say for the privacy practiced in them. As a result, we would want every user to peruse all information regarding privacy in other websites closely to properly measure, and decide if they should continue to maintain their presence upon the same. However, this privacy policy solely relates to the information collected upon this website, and nowhere else


As we are motivated to keep pace with the changing times, and shifting trends, it would be subjected to change in the future. Xceed Solar has the only discretion and control over making these changes, and they would become effective immediately after the modifications. Periodical review of this page, as a result, is preferable above everything else.


For any questions and doubts regrading this very Privacy Policy and the use of personal data, you can easily set up contact with, or through the phone number +1300 942 611. Our responses will occur within the maximum time cap of about 48 hours.

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