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Battery Storage

Specialization in battery storage power solutions is one of the hallmarks of Xceed Solar, providing unparalleled solar energy across both residential and commercial spots in Perth, Western Australia. These systems rea specifically engineered by ourselves to satisfy, and serve every need imaginable, from the benchmarked versions of SMAs, Fronius Inverters, LG Chem Lithium-ion, BYD lithium iron phosphate, Enphase AC batteries, as well as lead-acid batteries.

In terms of providing clean and efficient battery storage solutions, here are the most apparent product by Xceed Solar.

SMA Sunny Boy Storage

  • This battery inverter is quite cost effective, and comes with a warranty close to ten years.
  • They are compatible with BYD B-Box HV and LG CHEM RESU10H batteries respectively.
  • Embedded with a very detailed and accurate online monitoring system.
  • They are specifically suited for grid purposes, and nothing else.

Enphase AC Battery

  • As the entire unit is embedded with an AC unit, there is no need for any separate inverters.
  • The design is effectively modular indicating that installation is easy, and can be done by any competent electrician.
  • They are exceptionally the perfect for storing energy that might be used later.
  • Upgrades are quite suitable in accordance with time.

Fronius Energy Package

  • This is a 3-pahse power supply, which is innately elegant in function, as well as cost effective.
  • They are very compatible with Fronius Solar Battery.
  • They are specifically made to be used in grid connected systems, and clients can go off the grids for only short periods of time, especially during power outages (this feature was released in late 2016).

SMA Flexible Storage Solution

  • A comprehensive and fully functional battery system with capabilities to endure even under high surges.
  • Compatibility with LG Chem Resu 6.4 lithium-ion battery, as well as lead-acid versions.
  • The system is expanded with the ability to handle almost 10,000 Ah of lead-acid batteries.
  • Only to be applied for off-grid systems.
  • Clients can easily exert upon decision to go off-grid at any particular time.

The essential fact that you should know about battery storage systems is that they store solar electrical energy in the form of chemicals. The stored energy is utilized whenever the sunlight is unavailable, especially during evenings and night time. These battery storage systems could be configured in such as way so as to provide power when the main electrical lines go bust. These battery solutions can also be retroactively integrated with the already operating solar system, and providing them with a very effective AC coupling facilitation.

Battery Storage Systems can be utilized to provide the best form of utilization of solar energy:

Xceed Solar batteries are quite advantageous since they effectively enhance solar systems in unimaginable ways. As opposed to selling unused electricity at the bare fraction of the original retail cost rate for power, you can easily store this energy up to be used later.

This stored energy is greatly utilized at times when sunshine is not available.

All net costs can be easily decreased by offsetting the evening electricity use, as opposed to subsidizing part of it through grid feed-on tariffs.

Batteries can either be fixed as a part of the entire solar systems, or can be integrated into already existing and running ones.

With Xceed Solar Battery System, you can take any property off-grid:

Any off-grid solar system, also known as Remote Area Power System (RAPS) and stand-alone power system (SPS), can prove to be greatly beneficial under circumstances when power is not present, infrequent in supply, or is just too expensive. In metropolitan areas like those around Perth, there is a high demand among people to make their electrical supply off-grid. Xceed Solar Panels system are quite effective in terms of provisioning for electricity supply and charging of batteries during daytime, while the batteries charged can provide power at night. The off-grid systems brought about by such a great system implementation can aid in emergency situations, such as fire caused due to electrical overload in a well-connected system.

The inclusion of any correct battery system component for off-grid use can certainly store energy to be used upon a later instance. For example:

  • Any electricity allows for the battery powered by solar panels during night time, as well as when there are clouds present all across the sky.
  • Any diesel or petrol generator provides option for supply backup power to be supplied as and when needed. Easy turning off and on can be ensured across any generator associated with Sunny SMA Island system.
  • Inclusion of a battery can provide necessary energy demand devices, such as pumps and vacuums, which would exceed the electric rating of the generator.
  • Even when the grid should go down, the necessary energy can be provided through batteries nevertheless.

Peak-Load Shifting by Battery Storage Systems:

Load shifting mostly involves shifting the load off of the grid system, and using it at a different time of the day. A number of buildings, including offices or shops, tend to function only to a certain extent of the day; in the midst of which most of the electricity is used accordingly.

A battery storage system allows for the drawing of electricity from the grid outside of the peak instances, such as in the evening when the operation should continue nevertheless. During this period of any day, electricity is sold at a much cheaper rate by most electricity retailers like Synergy.
You can see that any battery storage system lets you allow to siphon electrical power at a cheaper rate, and accordingly use it during the peak hours when the cost of operation should remain very high. From the perspective of Synergy, any such industrial place has shift to an off-peak load state. The point involving drawing power during the off-peak times of the day cab save a lot in the way of capital expedited towards running the operations, especially during daytime when plants, offices, shops and home appliances mostly run under a strict and inflexible schedule.

LG Chem RESU Solar Batteries

High-end Li-ion batteries for storage purposes available quite freely across Perth and its surrounding areas:

  • Residential Energy Storage Units (RESU) provision for energy storage across all kinds of homes across Australia in terms of facilitating top quality electrical service at a very affordable price.
  • The LG power battery has been deemed as ‘ultra-compact’ with almost 144Wh/L of power density involved.
  • It is also open for expansion: with two additional 3.2 kWh units available in elevating Perth Households to have about 12.8 kWh of maximum power storage ready to be used.
  • It is cased with an extremely attractive design, which can innately help in the integration across indoors too.
  • A new version of 10H LG Chem RESU battery has also been recently put up for sale.
  • You can also download LG Chem RESU datasheet at any time to monitor and review the power consumed at any point in time.

Enphase AC Batteries

These are essentially modular Li-ion batteries to be used across residences:

  • Micro-inverters are included in these batteries for totally safe AC-coupled connections.
  • Utilizes the Enphase Envoy S Metered energy meter to provide the exactly sufficient amount of energy as and when needed.
  • The architecture is quite distributed, which indicates the inclusion of extra units at any possible time.
  • Available in modular 1.2 kWh ‘blocks’, all of which is connected by standardized wiring in AC.
  • You can also download Enphase AC Battery datasheet, which could be used to review and analyze all the relevant data.
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