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Who Are We?

Xceed Solar have carefully selected our team based on a true passion for renewable energy.  We are driven by helping our customers understand how investing in renewable energy will significantly reduce your power bills whilst protecting our environment for future generations. Our aim is to make your transition to renewables as easy and cost effective as possible.  Each installation will be carefully thought out and individually designed to our customer’s needs. We are committed to selecting and using only the best solar technologies that can deliver continuous, long-lasting energy yields, maximizing the use of our natural energy resources.


Solar energy is the most abundant permanent energy resource on earth and it is available for use in its direct (solar radiation) and indirect (wind, biomass, hydro, ocean etc.) forms.  Making the investment in solar a solution not only significantly reduces carbon footprint, you will be making real and measurable positive change for the planet.

Years ago, solar power could only be used and enjoyed by large corporations and very rich people. But now everyday Australian homes and businesses can take advantage of solar power. Our aim is to share our knowledge and expertise with every day Australians looking to make a change. Let us show you how to finally take control of your power bills and work towards energy independence!

  • We have a lifetime of experience and knowledge for this niche to further the boundaries of what is possible.
  • Our already advanced technology use has resulted in a wide array of products, which will only get better in the future.
  • These products are guaranteed in terms of durability and quality.
  • We especially encourage and try to propagate the research into this form of technology that has great consequences for the future.
  • Our approach is based upon friendship and understanding that extends all across the world.
Commitment to Quality

All of the products carrying the branding of Xceed Solar have been tested in the face of every possible condition that characterizes Australia. We are experts across both grid connected and off-grid technologies for which our products have an impeccable flexibility in terms of providing effective solutions and desired outcomes.

On our product domain, each of our products are benchmarked as being one of the best performing all across the world. We take extensive steps in ensuring that our quality and efficiency could set a trail of successful products upon which others can also capitalize and improve to facilitate a holistic development of this form of technology.

Our record has upon investing upon manufacturing and production improvement infrastructure has been truly a high order one. The recent additions to the realm of advanced robotics, cast-on-strap (COS), automated acid filling etc. are some of the examples of the points of exploration as of this moment.


The Cast-On-Strap technology used by Xceed Solar enhances the quality and effectiveness of all products. The battery plates are specifically aligned with lugs to form a series circuit between the lead plates to provide the best performance at any given time.


At Xceed Solar, you will find that automated heat-sealing technology is used to perfectly reinforce the entire integrity of the structure especially when the base lid of a battery is welded with the floor of the container.


In terms of ensuring that all the batteries migrated from the production line to dispatch are unimpeachable, pressure testing is utilized as an ideal method. However, it is just a part of the series of quality assurance checks that are littered throughout the manufacturing or production line.


No Lock In Contracts
At Xceed Solar, we don't believe in putting pressure on our customers and will endeavour to make purchasing your Solar System as easy and stress free as possible.
Australian Owned
A company that is rooted in the Australia aims to address the needs of renewable energy, as well as the rising concerns over the state of the environment.
Financing Flexibility
We completely understand the extenuating expectations of our client base. Whether they are commercial or residential, the plans are specifically designed to suit any type of solar power requirement.
Australian Warranty
You shall get extensive plans of warranty upon the manufacturing and workmanship quality, which may extend as long as ten whole years.
Quality Assurance
Every single one of our product offerings, including panels, inverters and mounts contain the approval of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) from Australia.
Seamless Processing
The process that our customers experience are quite seamless across every point in order to denote that there is minimum time wastage and proper transactions are ensured in accordance with the policies.
Excellent Customer Care
Our care support services available to you at all possible times for your own benefit are experienced and skillful, bringing together an unprecedented sense of quality assurance that just cannot be replicated elsewhere.
Best Pricings
We are quite appropriate in accordance with the times and the scenario of the market as a whole. Our competitive pricing quotes are the absolute best anywhere.
One Stop Shop
The entire availability of Xceed Solar’s most essential products and services can be bought with almost minimal interference or obfuscation.
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