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At Xceed Solar, we know that every household and business is different.  Our team will take the time to understand your needs as our customer and ensure that your renewable energy future is in safe hands. We will tailor the right package to suit your specific needs. We don’t believe in one size system fits all and have selected some of the best products on the market to offer incomparable product and system performance, as well as longevity.

  • The true leaders across the fields of solar panels and batteries.
  • 100% reliable in terms of meeting Australian demands with great compatibility
  • The engineering technicians are more than just qualified; they are competent in terms of successfully performing every particular task.
  • A very short window for turnaround time as a whole.




For most homeowners, the electricity bill is a dreaded monthly expense. The general rule is that solar makes the most financial sense for someone with a quarterly electricity bill of at least $250. We will take the time to understand your current and future energy needs and recommend the most suitable system for the price you can afford, along with the aftercare you deserve. For as long as you have one of our systems installed, you’ll also have us by your side as your renewable energy partner.



Commercial solar installation is a smart business investment… one that will start making back its initial set-up cost instantly. Most commercial premises consume more electricity during daylight hours, when the generation of solar power is occurring.
If your business uses a lot of energy in lighting, equipment or operations, then it’s time to take action and see how you could install a system and be cash flow positive from your very first month! When you take into account the Government Solar Rebates (STC’s), feed-in tariffs, reduced electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint for your business, the case for installing a renewable energy system is compelling.



An Off Grid Solar System will allow you to get off the grid energy anywhere in Australia with Stand Alone Solar and Off Grid Batteries. Are you living in a remote or rural area of Australia where mains electricity just isn’t available or is terribly costly to get connected to the grid? You should consider your off the grid solar options.


Government Incentives

A great deal of environmental advantages are brought about upon using Xceed Solar Power Systems, and Federal Government regards this by offering some specific incentives for making the transition. The systems generally come through Small-Scale Technological Certificates (STC) and feed-in incentives.


Finance and Offers

In accordance with the government facilities and the various effective services offered as a whole package, Xceed Solar Power Systems bring to you a number of financial options, all of which can suit one’s own benefit. You can find yourself to be fully eligible for completely interest free and seasonal financing solutions as per one’s own product use.

our projects

At Xceed Solar, our team have extensive experience within the Solar Industry, ranging from residential to larger Commercial installations. We also specialise in accommodating our Rural clients, where ground mount systems are generally required, thankfully, due to our knowledge and experience, we offer these to our much valued rural customers.

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